Sunday, June 14, 2009


There aren't enough superlatives to describe the way I feel about this album. This is the best power/speed metal album ever created. Riot have been around since the '70s with differing lineups but in my opinion this is their definitive release. The guitar solos on this album rival the best Iron Maiden solos. The vocalist is almost as good as Halford. It has relentless pace, the production is stellar and the song-writing is top notch. If there was a genre called Reebok Core these guys would be the poster children. These songs are so good they will infect your everyday life. How can you deny that cover art, huh?


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BradethQ said...

Sweet. "Fire Down Under" has been a fav for a while and I just scored their first two LPs at a garage sale recently for a buck each, so I've been on a Riot kick lately. BUT, I've never heard anything past "Fire...". Until today. Thanks, dude.