Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Jag Panzer

Perhaps you've heard of Jag Panzer and just dismissed them as some power metal band that had a few good songs in the '90s? Well the joke is on you friend-o. Their debut album saw the light of day in the mighty year of 1984 and was titled "Ample Destruction", which is very, very appropriate. The band delivers blow after blow here and never really give you a chance to catch your breath. By the time you realize what has transpired they've stomped your testicles and stolen your girlfriend, only to disappear into the night like some phantom gang sporting leather, Reeboks and weapons gathered from the local junkyard. There's a certain urban warrior mythology they invoke here and the production value is top notch. I think this album has aged extremely well. If you liked Riot's "Thundersteel" this one is for you.

Ample Destruction