Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Fight to Survive

I noticed today that the metal archives website doesn't have a page for the mighty White Lion. How this is possible I really have no idea because their debut album Fight to Survive is a probably the best example of glam metal done correctly that I've ever heard. Yes, I did shudder as I typed that. The band had label difficulty early in their career which perhaps lead to this release being the overlooked gem that it is. Vito Bratta really shines on guitar and Danish vocalist Mike Tramp pens some of the catchiest hooks I've ever heard come out of the '80s. Is it cheesy? In a word...yes. But I happen to like cheese a lot.



RagnarR said...

I love cheese, too. Just not this flavor. Though it's interesting to see this amongst all the thrash/death and HC & crossover.

White Lion = Scandinavian singer in American band
TNT = American singer in Scandinavian band. Both peaked around '87 in the US. Coincidence or...?

Anonymous said...

Good call...White Lion at their rawest (if that's even a word). They did do some real metal, didn't they? "Lady of the Valley" anyone?