Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Sometimes albums come along with an overpowering sense of atmosphere. Nessuna Speranza, Nessuna Paura is one such album. Contropotere was an Italian hardcore punk band active from the mid '80s to mid '90s. This is their first LP which translates to No Hope, No Fear and it sounds as if the ghosts of Italian crust punks came down out of the Apennine Mountains to play anarcho-punk for a bunch of villagers in the dead of night. They incorporate a variety of instruments besides electric guitar and drums to capture the sound on this album and it works perfectly. I revisit this one a ton. Hope you like it.



TMM said...

No other can take these folks' place in my heart.....never

Stormy said...

Thanks for this. All i've heard by tbis band was the demo, which i love. Can't wait to check this out.