Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Do you like keyboards in your late '80s Euro Rock? Well good 'cause they're all over this album. If you've never taken a stroll over to Strappado's Obscure Metal Blog you should really give it a visit, especially if you are into the real hard to find rare stuff from the '80s. I could spend hundreds of hours dredging the depths of his blog and only scratch the surface. It's a great resource for this stuff. Unfortunately not all of it is great so it's kind of hard to pick out the real gems even though he has a ratings system in place.
This is one album I got from there that just stands out, especially if you're into the old Euro stuff. This particular group was from Switzerland. This album just reeks of cheesy synth, ozone destroying hairspray and unwashed leopard tights. The album cover may be the worst I have ever seen because there is nothing on it except the artist, album and a plain looking diamond shape. However, this is a perfect example of don't judge an album by it's cover because there isn't a bad song in the bunch. The songs range from themes of evil to Russian roulette to love ballads sung in the rain. I never get tired of busting this one out. Out-fucking-standing and catchy as hell.

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