Saturday, September 11, 2010


This isn't the usual Wag da Blog fare yet something is compelling me to post this album. I broke it out the other day out of storage and put it on and have played it countless times since. This is Scream-Violence/Melodic Hardcore from 2002 and if that isn't your cup of tea then just stop reading and come back later for something else. Why do I think this is worth your time? Well, it's definitely Iron Maiden influenced stuff here with dual lead guitars, they don't rely on the breakdown to save them, the vocals are awesome and they even borderline on death metal and black metal vocals at times, and these guys write some badass riffs! The lyrics are about heartbreak and loss but hey, that's pretty easy to ignore if you need to and I'm not uploading the lyric sheet so... The production is great and you can hear every instrument clearly here. These guys were feeling it when recording this and you can really tell. This album reminds me of fall.

To Play the Part

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