Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Steel for an Age

This band is called Crom and they were from Spain. This album is called Steel for an Age and it came out in 1987. This album is one of my favorite albums ever mainly because of its charm. Make no mistake, the production on this is horrible. The drum sound is akin to someone banging on the side of a metal box in a junkyard. The vocals are cringe-worthy on first listen and are sung in English (I have a soft spot for foreign bands that do this). Despite these shortcomings the band comes off as sincere with its effort and the songwriting really manages to shine through. Somehow it all works...and it works very well. They are pegged as a thrash band but I'd definitely place them in the melodic speed metal category. The guitar work on this release is quite memorable. After hearing the album opener 'Covered by Glory' I couldn't get the song out of my head for days. I hope you can appreciate this as much as I do. I come back to this album again and again and am never disappointed.


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